What Is a Pulmonologist? | Pulmonologist Diseases

Pulmonologists are doctors who specialize in breathing disorders. A Pulmonologist should be consulted if you are experiencing respiratory problems.
Internal medicine has a specialist called Pulmonology. Internal medicine interns undergo the same type of training as Pulmonologysts.  After receiving their medical degree, they then complete an internist residency. They spend many years as a fellow in pulmonary medicine, including critical care, sleep medicine, and pulmonary medicine. They must pass the specialist exams in order to become Board-Certified Pulmonologists.

Pulmonologists may also be able to specialize in the respiratory system.  While some doctors have experience treating social groups like the elderly or children whereas others specialize in specific conditions, such as asthma, COPD, and pulmonary fibrosis.

Some heart and lung diseases have similar symptoms, so pulmonologists frequently consult with cardiologists for diagnosis. They also visit hospitals frequently. Those who require life support or manual ventilation will be under the supervision of a pulmonologist. One must consult a Pulmonologist whenever encountered with respiratory-related issues or a cardiologist for consultation.

What Is a Pulmonologist ? | Pulmonologist Diseases

Types of Diseases a Pulmonologist:-

  1. Pulmonary Disease:

A patient will develop this disease once the lung’s airways have been damaged. This can happen due to many reasons, but intake of tobacco/smoking remains number one. Pulmonary infection can be detected easily as the patient will show early signs of coughing and other symptoms.

Few Symptoms of Pulmonary Diseases:

  • Lack of Energy
  • You feel shortness of breath, especially while you are performing something physical
  • Encountering frequent respiratory infections
  • Feeling your chest tight

There are many pulmonary symptoms such as feeling pressure on the chest, losing weight suddenly, or loss of muscle. All these symptoms can be diagnosed beforehand, and we can provide you with further treatment recommendations. All chronic diseases are treated at our facility.

People tend to avoid respiratory diseases, misunderstanding them with common flu, but as symptoms grow, the condition of a patient can get worse. If you need medical assistance, seek it as soon as you can.

2. Asthma

Asthma is exposed to all age groups. People with Asthma are bound to get Asthma treatment and keep themselves on medications. During Asthma, regular tests and diagnosis are essential. You can track your progress through this. People can get Asthma at any age. This is caused by many things, pollution, exposing yourself to any allergies or something similar. Asthma is also passed down to family members.

whast is Asthma | Symptoms of Asthma Diseases

Few Symptoms of Asthma Diseases:

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Coughing: Coughing can occur at any time of day or night or even while performing any physical task.
  • Patients can suffer anxiety, wheezing, or even being awake through the night because of pain in the chest.

Millions of people suffer from Asthma attacks every year. One of the main reasons is people refuse to get regular tests. Children suffering from asthma are chronically ill, and they tend to get worse over time. Many people suffer from Asthma due to their family history as well. But, with proper Asthma treatment, you can save your family members or loved ones from suffering a great deal of pain.

3. Tuberculosis

Occurring in all age groups, Tuberculosis is a fatal disease which causes by bacteria that affects the lungs. This disease can grow inside and affect many parts as it grows. We recommend the best TB doctor in Delhi for prevention and treatment of the disease. Our facility provides the best medication for prevention, and we monitor our patient’s progress.

Few Symptoms of TB Disease:

  • Mild fever, along with night sweats, fatigue, and chills.
  • Coughing up with mucus or blood.
  • Unintentional weight loss due to decrease in appetite.

Patient’s with TB may experience symptoms in the brain, kidneys, spine, and other parts of the body. To stop TB from spreading to other body parts, a patient has to seek medical attention at the soonest. Our facility provides TB patients with all the necessary treatment and medication.

4. Chest Diseases

Chest Diseases are commonly occurring in people nowadays. Most people ignore chest disease’s obvious signs because they are so accustomed to their routine. In such cases, always consult a chest specialist. This way, you can avoid the unfortunate and start a new, healthy routine for yourself.We do regular checkups to ensure that your health is fine. And if our diagnosis detects any blockage, we will consult you with the best available medications and move further forwards with the treatment.

Chest Diseases | Symptoms of Chest Diseases

Few Symptoms of Chest Diseases:

  • Constantly feeling a specific burn-in chest or constant tightness in the chest.
  • Chest pain isn’t limited to the frontal parts but also affects the spine, shoulder, and sometimes jaw. Patients may feel the crushing pain.
  • Shortness of Breath can be defined as a patient suffering from chest disease.

Heart attack are much more frequent than you think. People suffering from Heart disease aren’t aware that they have them. With regular checkups, you can identify if your heart is at any risk, if so, what could be the further steps, and after that, how long will it take for you to recover. We answer all the questions and resolve all the queries patients bring to us.

Seek a chest specialist if you think you have any of the above symptoms. Care taken early always proves better.

5. Lung Disease

Lung diseases occur in people having smoking habits or people who roam around smokers often. Many harmful gases around us that can make us suffer from this. Even in our homes, we live with many dangerous and fatal gases, so doctors advise people to install air purifiers.Once you encounter Lung disease, regular medication is essential. The lung is a significant body part, and maintaining it is more crucial. Early-stage checkups from a lung specialist can help in the improvement of health. With the help of medications and needed treatments, a patient can recover from damage.

Lung Disease | Symptoms of Lung Disease

Few Symptoms of Lung Disease:

  • Feeling discomfort in respiration, breathing in and out.
  • Constant cough
  • Having trouble in any physical activity, causing shortness of breath and feeling difficulty in breathing.
  • Chest pains and feeling that you are not getting any air.

Never ignore any signs, and you must visit a lung specialist when you encounter any symptoms.

Our well-equipped health care centre consists of modern medical facilities through which we help our patients identify which part of their body is affected the most, what kind of treatment will they require, and how much time will it take.

We have years of experience in treating all sorts of diseases and getting the results to our patients.

6. Pneumonia

Usually spread through water, Pneumonia is also spread by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. As it enters the patient’s body, the injection starts to leak. This infection can fill the patient’s air sacs with fluid or pus. This can prove life-threatening and lead up to unwanted results. When you face such diseases, contact us to get a consultation on further steps.According to WHO, 1 in 3 deaths is caused by Pneumonia. Even among infants, this infection is prevalent. To fight against such, you should always look closely at pneumonia symptoms  and contact the doctor immediately.
Few Symptoms of Pneumonia: 

    • Vomiting along with diarrhoea and feeling of being nauseous.
    • Getting chills and fever.
    • Sweating and having clammy skin.

Pneumonia can make you very sick, and this sickness can get worse over time. Always make sure you consult the doctor for the medication and get proper treatment.

At our facility, we take to make sure to take the utmost care of our patients and give quality service to them. At our facility, we assist in curing many diseases and also help our patients to recover quicker. We are the best pulmonologist in Delhi. We can restore your breathing ability with our treatment.

Current Health Scenario: 

Changing lifestyle is a significant reason for respiratory diseases. These diseases can be caused by the chest, lungs, or other body parts, and this can also lead to getting a stroke or a heart attack. Such life-threatening diseases need top-notch medical services to uplift health.

What can a Failed Respiratory System do to a Person?

The respiratory system is like a root in our body, essential to function correctly. When our respiratory system is attacked by any disease, slowly, other body parts start getting affected, and it can prove pretty fetal for the patient.

Following is the procedure for your recovery:

  1. Submit your medical history file to the centre.
  2. Our doctors will evaluate the file and consult you further.
  3. Treatments and medication will take place for your. current disease
  4. Follow-up upon the illness will be taken from time to time, and regular checkups will conduct.
  5. With the given treatments and medications, you will slowly start recovering, but the checkups will still be carried on.

What diseases the best Pulmonologist in Delhi can Resolve?

In our body, our respiratory system plays an important role . Keeping it out of all troubles can be difficult sometimes. A pulmonologist can quickly diagnose problems we ignore. Protect your health by visiting the best pulmonologist in Delhi. This will keep you updated about your vital body parts.

Our facility gives:

  1. We have 13 years of experience in which we have treated many patients and cured their diseases.
  2. Our team of doctors are well experienced and will provide you with needed support.
  3. Well equipped critical care facility.
  4. We follow all the protocols and procedures required during the treatment.

Our team specializes in many kinds of diseases, and we give the utmost care to our patients. As we understand, including all types of support, a Critical Emergency can occur any time of the day or night; thus, our attentive doctors stand ready for you and near you.

One must consult a Pulmonologist whenever encountered with respiratory-related issues or a cardiologist for consultation. At our facility, we treat multiple Diseases and ensure our patients recover from them.

Don’t ignore the obvious. Contact me today and get well soon.


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