Best Way Weight gain after tuberculosis treatment(TB) 2022

Are you looking forward to knowing the best Weight gain after tuberculosis treatment(TB) ? Well, we will help you right here by introducing Ultimate weight gain foods after suffering from tuberculosis. The life-threatening disease can leave you with half the body weight that you had. However, there is nothing to worry about as you can quickly gain weight after tuberculosis by following a proper dietary plan. You need to consult your pulmonologist personally for the best foods from the ones we have given on this page.

Best weight gain food after TB

Anyone who has just completed their treatment for tuberculosis needs to eat a balanced and nutritious diet to remain healthy. TB drugs bring a lot of weakness and changes in appetite. It can reduce the overall amount of food intake because of the disease and the effect of medicines together. A person who has just completed his tuberculosis treatment should at least have these four primary groups of food items –

● Oils, fats, nuts, and seeds
● Vegetables and fruits
● Pulses millets am cereals
● Milk and milk products

Make sure that whatever category or collection of food you eat is densely packed with nutrition. A healthy diet is always helpful in recovering from the previous disease and its effects.

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Tips for weight gain after tuberculosis

● Balanced Diet Daily

Carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, fat, water and minerals are certain essential nutrients that are helpful in proper bodily functioning. These nutrients should be a part of a routine diet to obtain optimal energy levels. You can add a little oil or butter to Chapati to increase the energy content of your diet. People who have just completed treatment for TB need to eat a heavy diet to encourage quicker weight gain. One can also include pulses and roasted chana.

● Oils and fat add food


Fat and oil are optimal sources of energy. Weight gain after TB is easily possible if you include coconut, Soyabean, mustard and peanut oil in your regular food. One can also consume snacks fried in good quality oil to derive more energy and fat. You can also fry expensive dry fruits like cashews and almonds to tickle your taste palate and gain optimal weight.

● Must Use High Protein Food

Protein-based diet includes fish, eggs, meat and soya. Pulses and cereals are also very important to be consumed for weight gain after Tb. Make sure that your regular diet has plenty of eggs and soya so that overcoming weakness is possible.

● Eat Vitamins Vegetables And Food

Green leafy vegetables consist of plenty of vitamins and minerals. Seasonal veggies are a very good source of nutrients for someone looking forward to gaining weight after TB treatment is completed. This not only fulfils energy levels but also delivers plenty of weight gain when cooked with oil and ghee.

● Increase Immunity boosters

Weight gain food after TB should not be the only thing to focus upon. You must also consume food that is helpful in increasing immunity. For example, include plenty of vitamin c in your diet to fight diseases and avoid getting sick more often. Once your body develops the resistance to fight infections, it will automatically start gaining weight with regular food items consumed. Nutrition should be the first focus of every person who has just completed the treatment of tuberculosis.

● Eat more frequently


The practice of increasing weight should not include having junk items at all. Instead, it would help if you survived on healthy food to rely on positive weight gain. Protein-rich diets are most of the time responsible for keeping the body full for a more extended time period. You can consume cashews, nuts and almonds regularly to not only fight weakness but also gain weight very naturally.


● Shakes and smoothies

Try preparing different types of shakes like apple, banana, and pineapple and sprinkle some flaxseed. These healthy shakes are very refreshing and beneficial to cure any existing weakness because of the treatment of disease. You can also try preparing strawberry shakes, or Oreo shakes that are equally good in taste and healthy. Having these shakes after a meal is a good idea to quench sweet tooth cravings and get plenty of nutrients.


● Add ghee or Butter

Pouring a spoonful of pure cow ghee can quickly help to increase weight after tuberculosis. It is also an excellent way to increase bone density and gain a lot of nutrients. For ages, ghee has been recommended to fight weakness and ensure a quicker recovery. No matter what size of meal you eat, make sure you drop a spoonful of ghee in it. Doing this not only tickles the taste palate very well but also fulfils your goal to achieve weight gain after treatment of TB.


● Daily Early Morning Physical Activity


Physical activity can improve appetite and make you eat more than usual. Your food intake has to be good in order to increase weight after TB. If you cannot undertake heavy exercises due to weakness and lethargy, make sure you do plenty of walking every day. Looking for at least 40-45 minutes is a must to improve body functioning and have a good appetite.


● Wholegrain Bread With Peanut Butter

Now, this can be your daily morning breakfast. Eat peanut butter or almond butter with whole grain bread to ensure your body gets healthy fats and fights weakness very well. The high protein and fat-rich diet give a lot of healthy weight gain.


● Buffalo Milk

Apart from eating heavy food items, you can also drink -3 glasses of whole fat buffalo milk to gain weight after tuberculosis.

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Foods Avoid after TB

Gaining weight after tuberculosis is only possible when you eat healthily and avoid unhealthy foods. The practice includes avoiding bad things that are otherwise harmful to health. A person suffering from tuberculosis should take care to avoid the following items-

● Tobacco and tobacco products
● too much salt or spices
● alcohol
● carbonated drinks
● excess caffeinated drinks
● toxicity




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