Everything That You Need to Know About Asthma

Asthma is considered a high rising chronic disease that has puzzled physicians for centuries. Modern-day treatment for asthma has been much more progressive. However, it is important to diagnose early signs and symptoms before it’s too late. This guide below on everything that you need to know about asthma will help you to gain a complete knowledge about the disorder and then take the next step for following procedures. Remember, Pulmonologist consulting a physician is highly recommended.

What are the Symptoms of AsthmaWhat are the Symptoms of Asthma?

The symptoms of asthma might vary from person to person. Being an asthma patient, you might have several attacks, but symptoms can occur only at specific times or even all the time. You need to understand the symptoms of asthma to know what triggers your asthma and how you can get relief or do you need a medical emergency. Here are some of the signs and symptoms that you should know:

  • Chest tightness or pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing or coughing attacks can be worsened due to respiratory viruses such as flu or cold
  • For asthma in children, wheezing while exhaling is pretty common
  • Trouble while sleeping due to coughing, shortness of breath, or wheezing

Basically, clogging, swelling, along with muscle tightening will make your airways narrower. As a result, it will become difficult for the air o pass through the airways, and thus, breathing becomes harder. This symptom is also known as an asthma episode, attack, or flare-up. It can happen at any time, and mild ones will last for a few minutes, whereas severe symptoms can last for hours or even days.

There are certain early signs of an Asthma attack or episode that you must know to take proper precautions. However, early signs may differ for each individual. still, keep in mind these common symptoms:

  • Feeling weak, tired, or having a lack of energy
  • Increased sputum or mucus production
  • Itchy chin or neck
  • Slouching and raised shoulders
  • Congested, runny, or stuffy nose

It is recommended that you consult a doctor to determine the early warnings symptoms of asthma. Taking quick medicinal support at the early signs will help you to cure asthma.

How Common Is Asthma  Symptoms 

Several kinds of research have taken place throughout the world for the treatment and diagnosis of asthma. Stats can show that over 25 million people in America are already affected by asthma. This stat evaluates that almost every 1 in 13 people in America is affected by this. Here are some key stats that you should consider.

  • Over 8% of adults are now suffering from asthma.
  • Asthma is also present in almost 7% of children.
  • Over 20 million people over 18 years of age have asthma.

Asthma Data Comparison Table

Characteristic2 Weighted Number with Current Asthma1 Percent (SE)
Total 2,51,31,132 7.8 (0.17)
Children (Age <18 years) 51,04,410 7.0 (0.34)
Adults (Age 18+ years) 2,00,26,722 8.0 (0.19)

Age Groups (Years)

0–4 5,17,501 2.6 (0.40)
5–11 23,45,706 8.3 (0.64)
5–14 37,25,399 9.1 (0.53)
Poverty Level3
Below 100% of the poverty threshold 48,14,158 11.8 (0.63)
100% to less than 250% of the poverty threshold 78,37,412 8.5 (0.34)


Males 1,04,87,151 6.6 (0.24)
Boys (Age <18 years) 31,22,923 8.4 (0.52)
Men (Age 18+ years) 73,64,229 6.1 (0.25)

Source: CDC GOV

How asthma is diagnosed, test and treatment 

There are some particular tests that you need to make use of while diagnosing asthma. Start with a Lung function Test

  1. Spirometry

    This test indicates the narrowing of your bronchial tubes, which tests your lung capacity. It detects how fast you can breathe out.

  2. Peak Flow

    It is another test that is helpful in measuring how hard you can breathe. You can lower than usual peak flow readings. You can have a consult with your doctor to get proper instructions on tracking the results.

  3. Imaging tests
    This test will include a complete X-ray of your chest which can easily identify the abnormalities of your lung function. This is one of the most common tests included.
  4. Allergy tests

    Asthma is often caused due to allergies in your blood. This is why a skin test or a blood test is very important when it comes to testing allergies for asthma.

  5. Methacholine test
    Methacholine is also known as the trigger for diseases like asthma. When inhaled, it narrows down your airways. A positive reaction confirms that you have slight chances of asthma even if the initial lung test results to normal.
  6. Nitric oxide test
    Another important test that you need to go through is the Nitric Oxide test. This test will help you in getting a test result for the quantity of nitric oxide in your lungs. You may have higher levels of nitric oxide in your lungs.
  7. Provocative testing
    This is one of the most advanced testing mechanisms introduced to diagnose any chances of asthma. These tests will help you to detect any type of cold-included asthma. They help in measuring any airway obstruction, which will get you complete details.

What are the side effects of an asthmatic inhalerWhat are the side effects of an asthmatic inhaler?

Consumption of inhalers in the recommended amount may not leave any side effects or traits in your body. However, if you consume an excessive amount of inhalers, you may experience some.

  1. Some of the consumers of inhalers may experience regular sore mouth or throat.
  2. A croaky voice is often known as a common side effect for those who are consuming such inhalers
  3. Another common side effect is repeated cough experience for a few hours after consumption.
  4. Oral thrush is also expected to be seen in some young adults. It is a fungal infection that may happen with excessive consumption.
  5. Another common symptom that you may experience is nosebleeds. Even if it is not the most common symptom, it is found mostly in older people.

What are the main pathophysiologies of asthma components?

This is a complex procedure that involves two main components. They are mentioned below Airway inflammation

This is a chronic symptom that may happen to everyone but may differ in volume. It occurs when the lungs fail to function correctly for air inflammation. Intermittent airflow obstruction

Airflow obstruction generally happens because of bronchial reactivity. Since it may occur intermittently, precautions could be helpful.


  1. […] Asthma is a lung disease this condition person's airways become inflamed, narrow, swell. The most common asthma symptoms Shortness of breath, wheezing, and cold.  […]


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