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Dr. Sanchayan Roy

Dr. Sanchayan Roy

Dr. Sanchayan Roy is an experienced Internal Medicine , Critical Care and Regenerative Medicine Consultant. As a person who comes from a non medical family it was always his motivation and desire to become not just a highly successful and experienced doctor, but also to reach out to common people in a way that could not be achieved in any other field.

He completed his undergraduate degree at St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore where he was taught by doyens who were regarded as among the top doctors in their areas . After his M.B.B.S., he worked in an rural hospital in Tamil Nadu for two years under the ‘Rural Orientation Programme’ in order to comprehend the health requirements of our rural society.Thereafter the doctor completed D.N.B. in General Medicine at St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore. After graduation in General Medicine, he was also able to work in the Jaydeva Institute of Cardiology and the highly regarded NIMHANS (Neurology and Mental Health Hospital) in Bangalore.

He has a keen interest and has experience with complex extensive cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes digestive, endocrine and neurological disorders as well as the geriatric health issues. Additionally, he is equipped with a wealth of experience of 13 years working in Critical Care illnesses and their treatment. He also serves as Regenerative Medicine Specialist, specifically in the fields that deal with Type1 as well as Type2 diabetes, Acute spinal cord injury and chronic Kidney Disease and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. In total, he has 13 years of experience working in Internal Medicine and in Critical Care with the capability to handle the most complex situations involving different systems, including the treatment of e-ICU as well as ECMO.

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